Guide To: Hair Extensions

Guide To: Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have the power to instantly increase someone’s confidence. Whether you are suffering from hair breakage or just want some extra inches added to your natural locks, there are many types of hair extensions you can use. From affordable synthetics to more pricey human hairpieces, there is something for every budget.

Types of Hair Extensions


Synthetics are really affordable and can instantly change up your hair. However, it is important to note that they are temporary and do not last as long as more permanent types of hair extensions– from personal experience, they tend to knot quickly and are very hard to resurrect past this point. Being synthetic also means that they do not look as natural as your real hair, often being made out of plastic which has an unnatural shine. Adding a small amount of dry shampoo helps combat this.

Human Hair

If you can afford to do so, human hair extensions are most certainly worth the price. They provide a natural look that synthetics are unable to give and are much more durable. You can treat these extensions very similarly to your normal hair and can decide whether to have them in temporary or longer-lasting forms. […]

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