The Different Types of Sew In Weave Methods

The Different Types of Sew In Weave

A partial sew in means that the base of your sew in is partially braided. This method allows you to leave a portion of your natural hair out to cover the wefts. Partial sew ins give you the most natural look if done properly and if the correct type is chosen for your hair type. For a partial sew in, your hair must be long enough to blend into your extensions as well as the right texture to match your own. We own our hair extension company which means that our texture selection is huge. We are able to match almost any texture so that you get a flawless installation that will have people wondering if it’s all yours.

The Different Types of Sew In Weave

Different Type of Partial Sew Ins

Traditional Sew In – 15% of your hair is left out to cover the tracks. You can get either a middle part sew or a side part sew in.

Flip Over Sew In – Leaves your front hairline out to blend with your hair extensions.

Versatile Sew In – Enough hair is left out to cover a part as well as the entire perimeter of your hairline with enough hair left out to put up into a ponytail.

Reasons To Get A Partial Sew In
  • Looks more natural
  • More versatile
  • No glues or adhesives
  • Security with the tracks being sewn
Cons To Getting A Partial Sew In
  • You have to know how to blend your hair extensions
  • Possible heat damage when using too much heat to blend your extensions
  • type of sew ins partial sew in […]

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