Raw Indian Lace Closure Wavy


Raw Indian Lace Closure Wavy

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Discover the elegance and versatility of CROWNZ Raw Indian Lace Closure Wavy, a stunning addition to your hair care routine that offers the perfect blend of style and convenience. Crafted from 100% human hair, this lace closure boasts lengths ranging from 12 to 18 inches, presenting the most sought-after raw hair texture we have in our collection.

For those looking to achieve a flawlessly cohesive look, this Raw Indian Lace Closure Wavy is the ideal companion to our Raw Indian Wavy Bundle Deal, which spans lengths from 10 to 20 inches.

Closures are meticulously designed to provide full coverage for your hairline and offer the flexibility of parting your hair front to back or side to side. Our closures are notably dense, creating a natural appearance, and each weighs in at a substantial 75 grams.

Crafted with professionalism and precision, CROWNZ Raw Indian Lace Closure Wavy boasts hair that is soft, silky smooth, exceptionally strong, and remarkably durable. This hair can withstand washing, re-styling, and repeated use, much like you would with your natural hair.

When it comes to washing your closure, we recommend using a gentle moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to maintain its luxurious texture and sheen. Given that this is real human hair, detangling should be done carefully using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Afterward, lay your closure flat and allow it to air dry naturally, preserving its impeccable quality.

Our Raw Indian Lace Closure Wavy can be worn seamlessly with a sew-in, offering an option for those who prefer not to leave any of their natural hair exposed. Additionally, it is a fantastic choice for individuals who may have experienced hair loss due to medical conditions or other reasons.

The captivating allure of our Raw Indian Lace Closure Wavy closely resembles your own hair, seamlessly blending into your natural locks. The lightweight weft of hair provides the illusion of added length, volume, and thickness, enhancing the overall beauty of your hair.

Closures and extensions are the perfect solutions for women who relish the opportunity to change up their hairstyle effortlessly and embrace exciting new looks.

Raw Indian Lace Closure Wavy Details:

Hair Type: 100% Human Hair of exceptional quality.
Lengths: Available in lengths from 12″ to 18″ for personalized styling.
Wefts: Machine Double Stitch for superior durability.
Style: Wavy, exuding a natural and captivating charm.
Cuticle: Remy for a luxurious feel.
Coloring: Can be lifted to a #613 for versatility.
Hair Source: Derived from Temples in Southeast India.
Please note that this is raw hair, and as such, the texture or curl pattern may exhibit natural variations, further enhancing its authenticity and charm. Embrace the beauty and versatility of CROWNZ Raw Indian Lace Closure Wavy, designed to elevate your hair game to new heights.


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