Brazilian Raw Body Wave Extensions


Brazilian Raw Body Wave Extensions

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Elevate your hair game without breaking the bank, and embrace the effortlessly beautiful and natural waves of our Brazilian Raw Body Wave Extensions! These hair extensions are the secret to adding incredible volume and thickness to your own locks, and our versatile bundle deals cater to a variety of textures. CROWNZ Brazilian Raw Body Wave Extensions come in lengths ranging from a chic 12 inches to a luxurious 30 inches, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every style.

CROWNZ extensions are meticulously crafted with double-stitched wefts, ensuring durability and longevity, and they all weigh a generous 100 grams, providing you with ample hair for your desired look.

These Brazilian Raw Body Wave Extensions are your go-to choice for sew-in styles that may require some of your natural hair to be left out, or they can be effortlessly paired with a closure or frontal for a comprehensive protective styling solution. The captivating waves of CROWNZ Brazilian Raw Body Wave Extensions perfectly complement other offerings in our collection, such as the CROWNZ Body Wave Closure or the CROWNZ HD Lace Body Wave Frontal.

It’s essential to remember that these extensions are crafted from 100% human hair, so treat them just like your own natural locks to maintain their incredible shine and allure. Regular washing, conditioning, moisturizing, and styling with your preferred products are recommended, with the added suggestion of using a leave-in conditioner and styling products to achieve your desired look. For those who love to use heat styling tools,

Don’t forget to spritz your bundles with a heat protectant before styling to keep them looking their best. Thanks to the quality of our hair, proper care will allow you to reuse your bundles, maximizing their value and lifespan.

Brazilian Raw Body Wave Extensions:

Lengths: Choose from an array of lengths, spanning from 12 inches for a chic look to an indulgent 30 inches for a striking appearance.
Weft: Crafted with machine double stitching for added durability.
Style: The enchanting Body Wave pattern that exudes natural allure.
Weight: Each bundle boasts a generous 100 grams (3.5 oz) of luxurious hair.
Hair Grade: Experience the excellence of Raw Hair, known for its top-tier quality.
Color: Naturally alluring in a beautiful Natural 1B shade.
Coloring: These bundles offer limitless potential; you can lift them to achieve any color you desire, providing endless opportunities for creative hairstyling.

Explore the world of CROWNZ Brazilian Raw Body Wave Extensions and unlock boundless possibilities to enhance your hair, your way.


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