Brazilian Deep Wave Hair Extensions


Brazilian Deep Wave Hair Extensions

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Experience a hair transformation that will turn heads without breaking the bank. Introducing our Deep Wave Hair Extensions, showcasing a mesmerizing natural wavy pattern that adds captivating volume and luxurious thickness to your own locks. Available in lengths ranging from 10 to 28 inches, these extensions are meticulously double-stitched and boast a generous weight of 300 grams.

Versatile Styling Possibilities:

Our Deep Wave Hair Extensions are a game-changer in the world of hairstyling. Whether you prefer sew-in styles that necessitate some of your natural hair to remain visible or you’re aiming for full-coverage protective styling with a closure or frontal, these extensions are designed to grant you the flexibility to create your desired look with ease.

Elegance in Natural Waves:

The beauty of natural waves is epitomized in our Deep Wave pattern. These stunning waves bestow an effortless and timeless allure upon your overall appearance. When paired with CROWNZ Frontal or Closure the result is a harmonious, polished look that exudes confidence and style.

Crafted from Premium 100% Human Hair:

Rest assured, these extensions are crafted from 100% authentic human hair, delivering both the quality and authenticity your hair deserves. Treat them with the same care and attention you give to your natural hair: wash, condition, moisturize, and style to achieve a breathtaking shine and texture.

Maintain the Splendor:

To ensure the longevity and radiance of your Deep Wave Hair Extensions, we recommend the use of your favorite leave-in conditioner and styling products. For those who enjoy styling with heated tools, it’s essential to apply a heat protectant beforehand to safeguard the health and beauty of your extensions.

Deep Wave Hair Extensions Key Features:
  • Length Selection: Choose from lengths ranging from 10 to 32 inches, allowing you to effortlessly achieve your desired hair length.
  • Durable Weft Construction: These extensions are meticulously double-stitched for exceptional durability and prolonged use.
  • Bundle Inclusion: Each bundle deal includes three bundles, each weighing 100 grams (3.5 oz) and weighing      300 grams (10.5 oz).
  • Coloring Flexibility: These extensions possess the versatility to be lifted to a radiant #27 shade, affording you the freedom to experiment with different looks and styles.

Revitalize your hair game and unlock an array of styling possibilities with our Deep Wave Hair Extensions. Elevate your appearance, embrace your innate beauty, and revel in the confidence that comes with making every day a fantastic hair day!



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