Are Hair Extensions Bad For Your Hair

Are Hair Extensions Bad For Your Hair?

Women with a type 3 hair type wearing permanent extensions.

Hair extensions have been popular for several generations due to their many benefits. They can add length and volume to your hair (i.e., thicker hair) while requiring relatively little maintenance, with most types of extensions lasting four weeks or longer.

Nevertheless, hair extensions raise an important question in the minds of many people: “Are hair extensions bad for your hair?”.

In this article, we’ll get to the bottom of this and give you tips to minimize damage should you try extensions.

Table of Contents

1 Are Hair Extensions Bad For Your Natural Hair?
2 The Potential Risk of Hair Damage by Hair Extension Type
2.1 Clip-in Extensions: Low Damage Risk
2.2 Sew-in Hair Extensions: Moderate Damage Risk
2.3 Micro Ring Extensions: Moderate Damage Risk
2.4 Glue-in Extensions: Moderate to High Damage Risk
2.5 Tape-in Hair Extensions: Low Damage Risk
3 The Ultimate Risk: Traction Alopecia from Hair Extensions Damage
3.1 How to Mitigate Damage from Hair Extensions
3.2 Give Your Hair a Break to Prevent Damaged Hair
3.3 Strengthen Your Natural Hair
3.4 Best Practices for Wearing Hair Extensions

Are Hair Extensions Bad For Your Hair

Do hair extensions ruin your hair? Since hair extensions are attached to your natural hair, there is always a possibility of damage due to tension on the roots. The tension can result in traction alopecia, a form of hair loss caused by constant strain on the roots.

So, it’s clear that hair extensions can be bad for your natural hair. Some people who wear extensions end up with weak and brittle strands, a receding hairline, and even extensive breakage. However, this does not mean that all hair extensions will damage your hair, though. Read more by clicking the link below. […]

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