Make Your Hair Extensions or Wigs Lay Flat
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How to Make Your Hair Extensions or Wigs Lay Flat

Are you in the process of transitioning to human hair extensions or a wig and want to know how to make your hair extensions or wigs lay flat? There are numerous ways to make your hair lay flat but it is all dependent upon the hairstyle that you choose. In this article, we lay out the various options available.

Make Your Hair Extensions or Wigs Lay Flat

Braiding your hair is one of the easiest ways to make hair extensions or wigs lay flat. The braid pattern you choose is critical to the way you plan to style your hair. Be sure to leave a part where you intend for your hair to separate. The most common braid patterns are cornrows going straight back or a circular pattern around the entire head.

If you are wearing extensions, a mesh cap is recommended. With a mesh cap, the extensions are sewn/glued to the mesh cap and not your natural hair, which ensures your natural hair stays healthy underneath your hair extensions.

Braids are phenomenal and work well for both hair extensions and wigs but if you plan to wear a wig, you have other alternatives. When wearing a wig it is important to have your natural hair as flat as possible to keep from having a lumpy bumpy appearance.

Make Your Hair Extensions or Wigs Lay Flat

When prepping your natural hair, be sure that it is thoroughly detangled. Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair and don’t forget to add a leave-in conditioner for optimal moisture.

Be sure to add an additional moisturizing cream to your natural hair and allow it to air dry. Skip the blow dryer because blow-drying makes your hair frizz.

Make sure that your hair is completely dry because wet hair allows bacteria to breed. Also, moisturize your hair at night a few times a week before going to bed.

Be sure that your hair is thoroughly detangled to prevent breakage. To mold your hair, apply a generous amount of non-alcohol hair gel and brush your hair all the way back to the nape of your neck.

Depending on the thickness of your hair you may need to make a middle part to and mold your hair into two sections. If your hair is long you can secure it with a low ponytail and tuck the ponytail under. Use bobby pins to secure your hair if needed.

If your hair is very long, mold it back into two low ponytails and wrap each section towards the front on opposite sides.

After securing your hair add a wig cap as a final foundation. A wig cap will ensure your hair lays as flat as possible and will protect your natural hair underneath. Wig caps come in nylon and silk fabric types.

One final method to ensure that your wig lays as flat as possible is to sew an elastic band directly onto your wig cap. The elastic band should be 1 to 1.5 inches thick and sewn from ear to ear to fit around the nape of the head.

An elastic band is essential to obtain a glueless wig unit that can be worn over and over without restyling each time.

Once you make hair extensions or wig lay flat, you can now begin installing your hair extensions or wig. At CROWNZ Hair and Beauty we sell human hair extensions, raw hair extensions, multiple types of wigs, lashes, and more. Be sure to check out our online store today!

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