Make Your Wig Lay Flat

So you’ve made a wig or put one on and it’s lumpy and bumpy. What do you do? Don’t worry; I have you covered. Keep reading for 5 EASY tips to make your wig lay FLAT!

Make Your Wig Lay Flat with Neat Braids
Make Your Wig Lay Flat

Every flat install has to start with a good base. In this case, I’m referring to your braids. Whether it’s a sew in, quick weave, or wig, you want to make sure your hair is as flat as possible underneath. For those of you who have short hair, you can more than likely get away with just molding your hair down with gel or a molding agent. However, for everyone else, it’s vital that you have neat, relatively small, and uniformed braids underneath your install.

Wig Size

Make Your Wig Lay Flat

If you put on a jacket that’s too big, it’s going to be lumpy, saggy, and ill-fitting right? The same goes for your wig. Make sure the unit is sized for your head! This is why I like to make my own wigs. I do, however, realize not everyone has the patience or know-how to do that. If you’d like to contact me about a custom unit, please DM me or leave a comment below.

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