Buying guide for best wig adhesives

Buying guide for best wig adhesives

When you’re wearing a wig, there are few things worse than worrying about it blowing off in a breeze or slipping around every time you turn your head. But you can keep your wig in place no matter what the weather or how active you are if you use the right wig adhesive.

A wig adhesive is exactly what it sounds like: a product applied to a hairpiece or your scalp to help lock the wig in place on your head. Some formulas can secure a wig for several days, while others stay sticky for weeks. You can even find some wig adhesives that can withstand sweat and water, so they’re ideal for anyone who leads an active lifestyle or lives in a hot, humid climate.

Choosing the right wig adhesive can be a challenge, but with our buying guide you’ll be armed with all the knowledge you need to find the best one for your favorite wigs. To save you some time, we’ve included several specific product recommendations to help get your shopping started. Read more to find the best wig adhesive. […]

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